Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Artfire Halloween Top 15: BATS!!

  1. Bat Cuff Bracelet
  2. Benny the Blue Bat Pendant
  3. Halloween Bat Candy Sucker Holder
  4. Bat and Full Moon Scrabble Tile Pendant
  5. Primitive Folk Art Halloween Bat Set
  6. Bats in the Night Tabletop Metal Candle Holder
  7. Vampire Bat Wood Halloween Decor
  8. Gone Batty for Halloween decor set
  9. Batty Tea Light Holder
  10. Mystique Soft Sculpture Home Decor Bat
  11. Bat on the Moon Stained Glass Suncatcher
  12. Bat on a Cauldron Halloween ACEO
  13. Bats in Glass Necklace
  14. Pewter Bat Focal Bead
  15. Halloween Assemblage Bat Potion Gone Wrong

Etsy Halloween Top 20: BATS!!

  1. 3D Bat Garden Yard Art
  2. Belle de Nuit Bat Necklace Earring Set
  3. Crocheted Halloween Gothic Bat Choker
  4. Black Bat Layered Domino Pendant Necklace
  5. Halloween Bat Candy Box Container
  6. Wool Felt Vampire Bat Doll in Coffin
  7. Print of Bat Painting by Tanya Bond
  8. Gothic Leather Bat Choker
  9. Bat Halloween Card/Invitation Set
  10. Bat Winged Romper
  11. Hand stitched black wool Bat Halloween Decor
  12. Batwings Unfurled Earrings
  13. Boot Bat Pin Brooch
  14. Bertie the Bat Felt Pin Brooch
  15. Print of Taken by Bats painting
  16. Gothic Bat Wing Lace Kimono Wrap Around Blouse
  17. Bat tattoo knee-high socks
  18. Vampire Bat Coffee Cozy/Cup Sleeve
  19. Bat Sconce
  20. Bat Sketch on Wood Original Painting

Sunday, October 11, 2009

15 Days of Halloween!

I will be creating 15 lists of Halloween items, one separate daily list created from Etsy and Artfire items. There will be a poll for each of these lists for readers to chose their favorite item on the list. The 15th list will come on Halloween day. This list will be comprised of the Top 10 items from each day's poll results....so 4 items will not make the final cut!

Here is the topics for the lists:

Day1 (Oct. 13): Bats
Day2 (Oct. 14): Black Cats
Day3 (Oct. 15): Candy
Day4 (Oct. 16): Costumes
Day5 (Oct. 17): Costume Jewelry and Accessories
Day6 (Oct. 18): Creatures,Goblins, Monsters, Zombies
Day7 (Oct. 19): Ghosts
Day8 (Oct. 20): Graveyard
Day9 (Oct. 21): Haunted Houses
Day10 (Oct. 22): Pumpkins
Day11 (Oct. 23): Skeletal Bones
Day12 (Oct. 24): Spiders
Day13 (Oct. 25): Vampires
Day14 (Oct. 26): Witches

Day15: (Oct. 31): Halloween Top 10!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Starting Again!

I will finally be starting my Etsy Top 10 Lists again! I will also be making Artfire Top 10 Lists and possibly Top 10 Lists for other online handmade venues! I have also set up a typepad blog and have linked this blog to it. I created my typepad blog to read like a website. It had a main introductory page, with a link to my typepad blog The Daisy Frog Blog, a link to this blog, a link for everything related to my Etsy shop "My Favorite Shop", and Art/Crafts resource page, and a link for any suggestions a reader might have concerning my blogs or my shops. You can find my typepad site at http://www.daisyfrog.typepad.com

My CRAFTeReport blog will be solely for creating Top 10 lists, promoting the works of others.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Etsy Team

For anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog post, I have created a new Etsy team for NEW Etsy shop owners who have had less than 10 sales and who's shop is less than a year old. To be approved for membership to this team see this link.... http://www.easteam.ning.com/?xgi=0FfvkVx
When approved, please mention that you read about the team here!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Day!

This blog is specifically for recognizing the works of other artists/craftsmen but.....I just have to say....I SOLD my very first item on Etsy yesterday! Yay me!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

SPECIAL Etsy Top Colored Pencil Drawings

I am going to go beyond the normal Top 10 List this time because I, as well as others, have noticed the general public's lack of interest for colored pencil drawings compared to the interest in paintings and crafts. Although paintings (oil paintings especially) have been on the top of the "quality" types of arts list forever, there is definitely a place in the art world for colored pencil drawings. A place among the "professional quality" arts. Colored pencil drawings by professional artists are created with top quality professional colored pencils on top quality paper suitable for professional colored pencil drawings. Colored pencil drawings require great control; mistakes cannot easily be corrected. In general, colored pencil drawings require many layers of colors to be applied to the paper to create areas of intensity, darkness, and even lightness. The great control that some artists have over their pencils allow them to create wonderfully realistic looking drawings. Their control allows them also to put much detail into their works. Not all quality, professional colored pencil drawings are of a realistic style. Many professional colored pencil artists create amazing works of abstract drawings as well that require just as much control as the realistic drawings require, but they also tend to require much more creativity on the part of the artist. So with that being said, I hope everyone who reads this blurb and views these great examples of colored pencil drawings will come to see that colored pencil drawings do indeed have a place in the professional art world.

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